The Scroll of Britain

Arran Mackintosh (Alumni)

Product Description: A weighty wooden chest with brass-style edging. The box opens to reveal a series of miniature concertina books, all contained within individual cellophane wraps. One of these, entitled the ‘Australia Scroll’ depicts the historic development of the country. Each concertina is subsequently assigned a location and the inkjet printed imagery marks it’s growth within a sequential format. Whilst some are monochromatic, the ‘Australia Scroll’ is vibrant, with rich natural colours being used to reflect the Australian countryside.
Underneath these books is the main concertina. This measures 35 cm x 16.5 cm and contains over 20 panels. The narrative marks the transitioning of Britain, becoming a world empire. The ink-based drawings have been inkjet printed upon the Fabriano paper. Varying uses of white space act as a marker of the instability and violence apparent throughout British history.
Mackintosh claims this piece was ‘influenced by the Bayeux Tapestry’, stating that his aim is to ‘create highly detailed ink stories and landscapes’.
These books sit upon a series of brackets within the box, protecting them. On the interior lid of the chest is an acrylic painting of a world map, contrasting the primarily monochromatic books.
Publication Details: 2012, Wooden hinged chest, Textured Fabriano paper, Inkjet printed imagery, Five external (miniature) concertina books within cellophane.