Ros Simms

Portrait concertina using pianola-roll, loosely backed with fluorescent paper which is exposed through the ‘notes’ throughout the pages. Hard backed cover.

The mechanically punched out holes evidence sound past but the rhythm and patterns are transferred to delight the visual sense and give permanence to the fleeting notes. The booked exposes the strong aesthetic and tactile delight of that which ordinarily would never be seen.

Dimensions: 165 x 290 x 1860mm
Materials: Cloth bound cover in grey using pianola-roll over fluorescent orange paper (90gsm) for the pages. Signed and numbered. 2020

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons
Jackie Batey

This double-sided concertina is created from a folded sheet of vintage pianola roll paper (Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, 1802). The rubber-stamped hands become increasingly contorted throughout the sequence as the player struggles to finish the piece, the fingers tangling completely at the finale.


This book contains an autobiographical narrative based upon the artist's early recollections of practising the piano and becoming increasingly frustrated with her inability to get her small fingers to stretch where they needed to be. The rubber-stamped hands are drawn from her own hands on the keyboard, exaggerated as the concertina unfolds. The book seeks to capture the love of listening to beautiful piano music and the realisation that this is unattainable for the player.

From around 1880 a standard piano keyboard measurement has been fixed at 48” this replaced various piano-like instruments that traditionally had narrower keys. The average European adult male hand span is about one inch wider than that of a European adult woman meaning about 87% of women piano players can’t reach a tenth on a standard piano, which is a problem if you want to play Beethoven. Hearing a piano played expertly can be a moving experience and the appreciation of the hours of repetitious practise that’s needed to acquire this skill is enhanced by one’s own lack of practice and inability.

Dimensions: 16cm x 15cm artist’s book. Inside consists of a removable double-sided concertina of pianola-roll paper folded into 8 to make 16 pages. The concertina is 48” long, the length of a standard piano keyboard.

Weight: 90g

Materials: Red book cloth cover with rubber-stamped detail, tied with two-colour twine. Inside covers are lined with vintage sheet music. Hand-cut rubber-stamped hands throughout printed on vintage pianola roll. Embossed with maker’s mark and signed and numbered. Brighton 2020

Tapestry (Гобеле́н)


Tapestry (Гобеле́н)
Lee Shearman

Six hundred and sixty-two 3mm holes punched along a 13.3 foot long paper strip, accordion-folded into a 120-page book, and wrapped in a printed paper belly-band. Using a 1:16 scale version of The Bayeux Tapestry as a guide, the exact head position of each of the 626 human figures (embroidered into the original tapestry) were marked onto a 13-foot long strip of 160gsm paper, and punched out as 3mm holes. When the pages are removed from the hardcovers they can be fed and wound through a 15-note mechanical music box, sounding notes.

The book is a representation of the positions of the human figures, echoing the visual rhythms of the original Bayeux tapestry. The visual elements of The Bayeux Tapestry comprises 626 human figures, 190 horses, 35 dogs, 506 other birds and animals (such as hawks, rabbits, lions, camels, mythical beasts) 33 buildings, 37 ships, 37 trees, and 57 Latin inscriptions.

Dimensions: 35mm (w) x 45mm (h) x 35mm (d) (closed), 35mm x 4600mm (unfurled)
Weight: 35g
Materials: saffron-coloured rayon book cloth, 160gsm caramel-coloured paper, inkjet 140gsm wrap, card
Published: 2020

Wooden Cupboard

Unknown Author

Product Description: A miniature wooden cupboard. The door opens to reveal three separate panels. One contains a series of hand-made books, all of which have empty pages. All three books have been stab-stitched and covered in a material, a red plastic sheet or a worn-weaved, sack-like material. In the above compartment is another book. This item has been wrapped in brown paper, hardened by a form of adhesive and a layer of plastic. The straps binding the book together are made from a form of hair. Within this book are a series of obscure images, over-exposed interpretations of the female form. These images have been stitched in, prior to adding a layer of an unknown adhesive.
Within the third compartment are a series of thin fabric sheets, all of which have been hung to suit the wardrobe format. These have been printed upon using similar imagery to that of the handmade books. A quote states, “a certain amount of violence was permitted but only if his wife deserved it”. It becomes apparent that the references towards the female form may be about the way the antagonist has treated it.
Underneath the cupboard is a large drawer. Within this are three separate faces constructed out of a white mould. The moulds look very solemn. They are accompanied by numeric labels.
Publication Details: Miniature wooden cupboard, Handmade stab-stitched books, Inkjet printed Imagery, Fabric panels.

What are you collecting at the moment Mark?

Mark Fanson

Product Description: A staple-bound booklet measuring 10.5 cm x 7.5 cm. The exterior pages are a bright yellow with colour-printed laser printed imagery. Each page alternates between this yellow and a pale blue. The book surrounds the narrator’s extensive collections. Examples vary from toy cavemen to comical mugs. This imagery has been printed directly onto the page, without a background and is monochromatic. A list of items from the collection is included in the back.
Publication Details: Staple-bound booklet, Dual-colour copy paper, Laser printed imagery.


Unknown Author

Product Description:
An A3 foldy constructed out of brown card. When completely folded out, the image reveals several illustrations of attractions and items local to the Portsmouth area. Many of the examples evolve around the seaside. The imagery has been silkscreen printed in a deep blue.
The foldy is contained within an elaborate case. The word ‘Portsmouth’ has been cut out of the card structure. A decorative pattern has been silkscreen printed onto the card also.
Publication Details: Paper-based foldy with silkscreen printed imagery, Card encasement.

R.I.P. Lucy Westerna

Unknown Author

Product Description: A miniature white wooden coffin sealed with eight nails. On the coffin’s lid are the words ‘R.I.P Lucy Westerna’.
Upon opening, a china doll is revealed. Her dress has imprints of text upon it, and is an off white. She has a neutral-toned Venetian mask on. When this is removed, the viewer can see that the doll’s eyes are a vibrant red, as are her lips. This contrasts her porcelain complexion and white dress. Equally, the lining of the coffin has been cushioned. The fabric is a silky white with glittering embellishment.
Publication Details: Miniature white wooden coffin, Porcelain china doll.

The Button Box

Rebecca Allen

Product Description: A circular sewing box with a hinged lid. The entire box has been coated in a cushioning and wrapped in a paisley pattern. Green plaited string follows the seams of the box. The interior of the box has been lined in a hemp-like material. Upon the reverse side of the lid is a pin cushion, made from the same pattern as the exterior.
Within the box are a series of buttons attached to tags. Upon these are dates which have been hand stamped. Some of the buttons have become tangled, forming large clusters.
Publication Details: Circular Box, Cushioned exterior wrapped in fabric, Buttons tied with string and a paper label.