The Office Orchestra

Andrea Chappell & Cherry Goddard

Product Description: A large, cardboard cylinder with a metallic lid. The viewer opens the container, revealing a lively red upon the lid’s interior. Inside the cylinder is a cardboard concertina. The interior of the structure is red, matching the lid. Within each section of the concertina is a piece of stationary, such as drawing pins or a ruler. Each of these have been assigned a musical quality, imploring the viewer to the use them in that manner, rather that for there typical use. The instruments have been pinned to the side, juxtaposing the white, silkscreen printed type describing the items musical quality. Contained within the structures' centre is a pot of pencils, continuing with the stationary-based theme.
Around the outside of the concertina is a large landscape print, illustrating the possible symphony one can make. Graph-like paper guides the block-like monochromatic imagery and occasional illustration of people. On top of this are a series of infographic-based line drawings explaining how to use each instrument.
Publication Details: 1999, SAS Design, Cardboard cylinder, Cardboard concertina folded interior, Various ephemera (pens, pencils, bulldog clips, etc.), Silkscreen printed scroll.