Consequential Coastline, A

Martin Rieser, Chris hales, Kieth Jones, David Haste, Steve Hoskins, David Atkinson, Peter Murphy, Sheran Hemming, Paul Thirkell, Linda Littledyke, Richard Anderton, Iain Biggs, Paul Gough, Chris Hill, Kevin Petrie, Tamiko O'Brian, Ian McCullough, Jane Miller, John Brennan, David Sully, Lizzie Cox, Jeremy Diggle

Description: 40 feet long tabbed book with 21 pages. Length 200 mm, Width 525, Depth 10mm. This book is enclosed in a wooden box with sliding panels. It is printed on Zerkall pale cream 150 grams per metre2 mould - made paper. Twenty two artists have contrived an imaginary tract of coastline as both map and a "view". As each artist finished a stretch of coastline, a copy was made of the left or right hand edge and passed onto the next artist who was required to seamlessly join theirs to it.
Publication Information: 1996, Bristol UK, Tabbed, Screen printed, Edition 67

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