After the Freud Museum

Susan Hiller

Description: Hard back artists' book: Length 302mm, Width 175mm, Depth 15mm. After the Freud Museum is printed offset in an edition of 1,000 copies, 114 pages, b/w. Designed by Rose-Innes Associates. This book is a companion to 'Susan Hiller at the Freud Museum', an installation that was originally commissioned by Book Works. Hiller's witty and erudite commentary is a response to Sigmund Freud's astonishing personal collection of art and antiquities, his library, his consulting room (including the famous couch) at his last home, in London. The book presents a series of archaeological collection boxes, and through turning the pages the reader embarks on a personal journey that discloses the secrets of each box.
Publication Information: 1995, Bookworks London UK, Perfect bound, Offset,

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