Green Line

Jamie Hillier

Product Description: A wooden box decorated with a monochromatic sticker entitled ‘Explosif’ and some stencilled type. Once pried upon, the viewer can see a crisp-white cover. Across the front are two silkscreen printed strips of barbed wires, one black and the other green. Accompanying this is a series of five cut-out strips, perhaps symbolizing prison bars. Beneath the cut-out is what seems to be a war zone; green-toned imagery has been laser printed and sealed to the book.
When unfolded, the book reveals itself to be a concertina-accordion hybrid with each section containing it’s own detailed and layered cut-out. The barbed wire carries on throughout. This, alongside the various cut-outs, accompanies the letter-pressed typeface. It is through this that the viewer learns the book is a response to the 1974 invasion of Cyprus and the subsequent lives that were lost or, reported missing. The scenserity of the topic is reflected in the clean construction, limited colour pallet and the concealment of background imagery.
Upon a thin, tracing paper sheet is the author’s name and contact details. This sits on top of the book.
Publication Details: Wooden box, White card, Concertina book, Silkscreen printed imagery with letterpress type, Cut-out panels.