Free the Bunnies/ Free the Rabbits

Susan Carre

Product Description: A series of two books constructed using heavy-duty paper, bound in a folded fashion. Each cover (back and front) has been hand printed, likely using a stamp and letterpress. Each page contains a set of bars and a hand-constructed 3D rabbit. The ink-outline has been laser printed onto the fabric prior to being mounted. In conjunction with the rabbits are a series of brown labels. They contain images of popular products, which have been transferred onto the card using cellulose thinner. A brief blurb states the books focus: “It is unnecessary to test cosmetics, toiletries or household products on animals”. Both books cast a critical eye upon the world of animal testing through a shocking visual comparison.
The second book has been created using Somerset paper with the spine being covered in a brown, parcel paper. It is entitled “Free The Rodents” and contains three 3D fabric animals (rabbit, rat and guinea pig) alongside more detailed descriptions of how they have been treated.
Publication Details: Two folded books, Created using heavy-duty Cartridge and Somerset paper, including printed, 3D and chemically transferred imagery.

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