Wooden Cupboard

Unknown Author

Product Description: A miniature wooden cupboard. The door opens to reveal three separate panels. One contains a series of hand-made books, all of which have empty pages. All three books have been stab-stitched and covered in a material, a red plastic sheet or a worn-weaved, sack-like material. In the above compartment is another book. This item has been wrapped in brown paper, hardened by a form of adhesive and a layer of plastic. The straps binding the book together are made from a form of hair. Within this book are a series of obscure images, over-exposed interpretations of the female form. These images have been stitched in, prior to adding a layer of an unknown adhesive.
Within the third compartment are a series of thin fabric sheets, all of which have been hung to suit the wardrobe format. These have been printed upon using similar imagery to that of the handmade books. A quote states, “a certain amount of violence was permitted but only if his wife deserved it”. It becomes apparent that the references towards the female form may be about the way the antagonist has treated it.
Underneath the cupboard is a large drawer. Within this are three separate faces constructed out of a white mould. The moulds look very solemn. They are accompanied by numeric labels.
Publication Details: Miniature wooden cupboard, Handmade stab-stitched books, Inkjet printed Imagery, Fabric panels.

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