Super Replica: Issue A (Sexy Machinery)

St. Pierre & Miquelon (Julie Hill, Tom Mower & Simon Elvins)

Product Description: An A4 white, glossy folder containing a variety of written documents. The authors describe the product: “Issue A, Super Replica, is a bootleg about bootlegging containing fakes, copyrighted material, free recipes, proposals for open-source projects, replica fragrances and other findings from the wider culture of copyright in general”. Conclusively, the book is described as ‘ a genuine fake’.
The imagery inside the folder has been appropriately made, reflecting the original documents origins. Many have been produced on a variety of paper types, such as dense newsprint with serif-based traditional type commonplace within legal documentation.
Finally, a silver clip holds in all the documentation.
Publication Details: 2008, Brighton, Gloss-based card containing a variety of imagery, Laser printed pages.


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