Hidden Agenda

Emily Regan

Product Description: A large leather suitcase containing a flesh-like interior made from unknown materials. Found inside is a series of random ephemera, such as a tie and a pair of shoes, suited to the suitcase’s original function. Accompanying this is a small, concertina book bound with burgundy book cloth. Inside are a series of polaroid-like images, all of which were originally pen-based drawings. A second concertina is also included, this one being landscape and bound in brown book cloth. The images are watercolour and narrate the arrival of an unknown man in Paris.
Regan included a description: ‘The young artist that owns this suitcase is a person with a very perverse and manipulative nature that has manifested itself into the hub of his travels. The inside of the case is a flesh like landscape of organic curves and crevasses, with opening that contain flesh like pockets and ripples of the skin.’
Publication Details: Large leather suitcase, Silicone-like interior, Hardback concertina books, Various ephemera.


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