The Wanderlust Diary

Nick Willis

Product Description: A square, concertina book. The exterior of the book is lightweight (unknown material), bound in a silky brown cloth. A vibrant green image sits on the front, a computer-based illustration introducing ‘The Wanderlust Diary’. The interior pages have been laser printed. They contain a variety of imagery, much of which are pen-drawn illustrations, colored using software. The concertina fold lends itself to the sequential narrative with each panel introducing a new scene and concept. The story follows the protagonist through a bizarre adventure. Many of his interactions reference everyday life, such as getting a train, meeting people in suits, etc. A serif-based type sits amongst the imagery, filling the blank spaces. The back and front pages have a light-brown coloring and contain a repeat pattern of various watch faces.
Publication Details: 2009, Nick Brown, Fabric-bound exterior, Concertina fold, Inkjet printed imagery.

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