Sharks Tooth

Unknown Author

 Product Description: An A5, three-point stab-stitched book. The exterior of the book has been constructed using black card. The border has been decorated with white thread, matching that used to bind the book. Juxtaposing the front of the black cover is a white tooth. The interior pages are a lightweight, yellow card. A gear-like lino-print adorns the front page in a deep red. This seal is used consistently throughout the book, in varying colors. On each left hand page is a small sentence, written in a hand rendered, serif typeface.
The narrative documents the concept of submission within a Big-Brother type state. The seal used throughout the book is likely the icon of those in power. Conclusively, the final page describes Big Brother as ‘your one pillar of reality’.
Publication Details: A5 stab-stitched book, Black card exterior, Low gsm card (interior pages), Hand printed imagery.

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