Movement and Motion

Adam Mitchell

Product Description: A 42 cm 32 cm landscape book. The hard
exterior of the product is bound in a grey book cloth, with a skull motif silkscreen printed onto the bottom right corner. The first page acts as an introduction. The skull motif has been repeated, surrounded by serif-based text which has also been hand printed. 
Each subsequent page has been delicately cut, revealing the complex system of monochromatic imagery yet to come.
Inkjet printed images have been glued to thick white card prior to being cut out. Much of the imagery centers around the human body - the movements one can make and the anatomical affect. To visualize this, Mitchell has contrasted traditional anatomical drawings against rigid mechanical systems which, when combined with the grainy and monochromatic imagery, creates a sequential dialogue.
The final page is one of the most striking. The center of the page has been removed and in its place are three strips of string holding cutout birds. These contrast the black background of the book.
Each of these pages has been hand stitched into the book using a complex Japanese bind.

Publication Details: Southsea, 2014, White card, Inkjet Printed imagery, Japanese stab stitch bind, Hardcover with silkscreen printed imagery.

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