Hommage to Charles Dickens

Valeria Bertesina

Product Description: One of several books featured in the ‘Beyond Dickens’ exhibition, organized by the University of Portsmouth and curated by Ros Simms.
A handmade concertina book measuring 18 cm x 29 cm. The exterior is a firm, mount-board which has been painted directly onto. The interior pages, a cartridge –like paper, have been coated in similar shades of red, occasionally juxtaposed by splashes of grey and the papers natural cream.
Forms of monotype have been used throughout. Faded black lines sit on top of the painted mixture. This imagery is accompanied by various embossings, many of which are hidden by the boldness of the color pallet.
As a concertina, the interior can be fully extended outwards and is completely self-supporting.
This book was inspired by Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’.
Publication Details: 2012, 18 cm x 29 cm concertina book, Cartridge Paper, Painted and Monotypic imagery, Embossing.

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