A Cast of Charachters From 'The Chimes' By Charles Dickens

Neal Layton

Product Description: One of several books created for the ‘Beyond Dickens’ exhibition, organized by the University of Portsmouth and curated by Ros Simms.
This book is A5, staple-bound with laser printed imagery. A variety of hand rendered type-forms adorn the front, surrounded by an elaborate border.
Layton says: “One of the things that interests me most about Dickens’ work is the characters he created; they are at once recognisable”. Each page contains a delightful illustration of one of the many characters within ‘The Chimes’. These simplistic line drawings are juxtaposed by more hand rendered type, elaborating upon who they area, alongside a brief summary. For example, “Margaret ‘Meg’ Veck – ‘Eyes that were beautiful and true, and beaming with hope’”.
As with many publications of this kind, the book is monochromatic. This feature accentuates the variety of lines and textures used, whether they be on the border or the text.
Publication Details: Southsea, 2012, A5, Stable bound, Laser printed imagery.

Edition 1 of 5.

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