12 Plates Inspired By Charles Dickens' "The Chimes"

Sadie Tierney

Product Description: One of several books created for the ‘Beyond Dickens’ exhibition, organized by the University of Portsmouth and curated by Ros Simms.
A twelve paneled concertina book containing etched imagery. The prints are upon an unknown, high gsm paper. The belly band is also made from this material.
The artist states: “I was interested in it’s themes of time passing, New Year and hope. I chose 12 symbols from the story.”. Tierney has completed a direct visual response to Dickens’ book, using recognizable and detailed imagery. The dustiness of each image, a result of the etching process, is contrasted by splashes of pinks, altering the mood of the book.
Tierney explains her use of the etching process: “‘The Chimes’ was written and published in 1844, and the star wheel etching press I used to make the print was made in 1843. It is the same type of press that William Brake would have used”.
The concertina structured has been glued within an unknown adhesive and sealed a light, white paper for reinforcement.
Publication Details: Southsea, 2012, Miniature concertina book, Etched imagery.

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