Dan Tiller (Alumni)

Product Description: A letter-sized artist book. The front cover is heavy duty tracing paper with inkjet printed type. Card has been used to enforce the spine. The book opens to reveal a paneled narrative and on the contrasting page, a miniature version. When completely unfolded, the book reveals a series of informational cards, describing the reasoning behind much of the branding and visual decisions made by companies. This illustrations have been  printed upon textured green and white paper.
According to the artist, the book has been created as a response to the ‘Social Awareness’ project (BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Portsmouth) and is described as an ‘information pack’.
'This pack explains the new censorship guidelines for computer games and how they should be taken notice of’. The book is an honest response to video game violence, using child-friendly imagery and a basic narrative to describe the detrimental affect fictional narratives may have.
Publication Details: Letter-sized book, card exterior with a Tracing paper cover, Pocketed interior containing textured paper sheets, Inkjet printed imagery.

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