Motel, Gas Station, Diner

Author Unknown

Product Description: Initially, the viewer is introduced to a jet black, dense card bellyband. It contains a basic, common typeface repeating the words “Motel. Gas Station. Diner.”. Beneath is a larger bellyband, which has been embossed upon. The content is obscure. These two bellybands contain a postcard-sized, eight-panelled concertina book constructed using a translucent Japanese paper. The first page has been left black, emphasizing the exterior bellybands. Each page contains an individual print, either woodblock printed or etched with simple black ink.
Accompanying this artist book are a series of four ‘Twisted Fairy-tale Greeting Cards’. The exterior illustration is reflective of a Disney animation, juxtaposing the violent interior. For example, Snow White is eaten by the Seven Dwarves, exemplifying cannibalism.
Publication Details: Postcard-sized, Japanese paper, Eight panelled concertina structure contained within an Embossed bellyband.

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