Jagerslust & Freude

Pieter Becks

Product Description:
A large, hardback book bound with red book cloth. The book has been hole punched twice (four single points) and bound with a think, leather string. The title ‘Jagerslust & Freude’ has been woodblock printed onto the cover, contrasting the red. Each page contains a high quality, woodblock print in black. Much of the imagery depicts triangles or spherical objects. The use of repetitive lines adds an element of depth, unique to woodblock printing. There is a tone of luxury to the book, with the detailed and consistent prints being combined with high quality paper with deckled edges and dense tracing paper.
Publication Details: Britta Moller, 1994, Hardback book, Red Book cloth, High gsm paper separated by an unknown, translucent material, Woodblock printed imagery.

Edition XI of XXV.

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