Die Extraterrestrsichen

Collaborative Project

Product Description: A5, collaborative artist book with laser-printed imagery. Each artist has been assigned a page (or a double-page spread) with the aim to visualize the extraterrestrial. Reflective of it’s collaborative nature, each page has it’s own identity. For example, one page is a photograph of a cross-stitched character, whilst another is a ink-drawn, satirical look at the identification of an ‘alien’ with reference to the FBI-most wanted list. The entirety of the internal imagery has been printed with a monochromatic color-palette, thus creating an element of visual coherence. Contrastingly, the book’s cover is a hard card and has been printed with a variety of bright colors. The artist's have not been restricted to a particular medium or style.
Publication Details: Collaborative project, 2010, card-covered artist book containing laser-printed imagery, Staple-bound.

Edition 1 of 20.

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