Cupid's Mistake


Product Description: A red boxed-case constructed with card, printed with a miniature cupid motif. The viewer pulls back the case, revealing two large squares of white plaster. Imbedded onto the front of the top square is a larger depiction of cupid, surrounded by various hearts. The two sections of plaster have been bound using a green string upon one side. The first interior page contains a cutout section, revealing the title “Cupid’s Mistake” on acetate below.
Subsequently, each page alternates between heavy-duty tracing paper and a thin cartridge. The tracing paper contains text, bordering the page. It follows a comically negative journey of romance. The cartridge paper frames various lino prints, visualizing each stage of the romantic journey.
Publication Details: A red card netted box, Two plaster molds’ encasing a mixture of tracing and cartridge paper, Inked type with Lino printed imagery.

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