Butterfly and Dragonfly

University of Portsmouth Alumni 

Product Description: An open-sided, hardback box coated in cream paper. A washed-pink butterfly decorates the cover, accompanied by a pink splatter. The box contains two books, each bound in a slim, cream bellyband with a silhouetted insect. The first, a butterfly. The book is a four-paneled concertina with cream pages. The front and back have been covered in a mold-green and mud brown. Consistently, the imagery is pink, bordered by black ink. It visualizes the organic lifecycle of a butterfly, from a caterpillar and throughout the cocooning process.
Mirroring the first book, the dragonfly book details the insect’s lifecycle, from larvae to full-grown adult. The pink-splattered pages denote surprise, celebrating the birth and growth of the natural form.
Publication Details: Two, four-paneled concertina books constructed with cream decorative paper and coated in color paper, A hard, cream-coated box.

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