Bottles & Maps


Product Description: An interactive piece. The viewer is introduced to a leather-bound case, which unravels to reveal a variety of ephemera. Firstly, a series of aged maps, folded and contained within a leather pocket. This subsequently leads onto the next two panels, which contain a series of tagged shells and beach-like ephemera. These have been bound using copper-colored wire. Accompanying this are a series of miniature pockets and straps, which hold vials and microscope slides.
In the final leather pocket is a black, leather-bound book (A5). Screwed to the front cover is a metal shell, with detail resembling fish scales. Central to this is a gold-window much like a porthole, revealing the crumpled maps beneath. Upon opening, it is revealed that this kit and journal, belong to a Professor who has since perished. The case is his last remaining work. The journal goes onto to detail his adventure, alongside a series of sketches. The paper has been stained and the text has been hand-rendered using ink.
Publication Details: A leather-bound, roll-up case containing glass phials, aged maps and various other ephemera. A metal-encased book with aged, heavy duty paper.

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