Some Time With You

Ciara Healy

Product Description: An A5 book, containing laser printed pages. The original images are watercolor, combined with a brown, serif-font. The exterior of the book is covered in brown, bumpy cloth which is then contained within a laser-printed sleeve.
Healy visualizes the inner thoughts of a series of dogs and their longing for their owners attention. “Some time with you” is repeated throughout the book, reinforcing the gloomy notion that the dog is isolated. In the blurb, Healy reveals: “the text in this book is adapted form the lyrics of ‘You and Your Sister’ by This Mortal Coil, 4AD Records”.
Healy consistently leaves large, blank spaces perhaps to reinforce the isolation of each animal.
Publication Details: Hardback, Cloth-bound book, Laser printed imagery.

See more of Healy’s work here: Birds, Butterflies & A House in the Country.

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