Message in a Bottle (Fire Borders)

Collaborative project between artists from Cyprus and Spain.

Product description:  An A5 box, covered in a rich blue fabric. Across the spine of the book are printed the book’s title.
Upon opening the box, the viewer is introduced to a hardback, black book, embossed with a textured swirl. Within the book are various quotes, stories and imagery pertaining to the ‘Message in the Bottle’ project. One particular tale recollects the discovery of ancient tombs, which prompted the creation of the project and various other cultural responses. The images vary between photography to musical scores.
Once the book is removed, the viewer is invited to open up a concealed compartment, revealing a videocassette tape and a leaflet describing the content. The 18 minute clip envisions what a border may be through visual means such as archive footage.
Publication Details: 1995, One A5, hard-back book, One 18 minutes videocassette.
Edition 5 of 6.

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