In Case Of Emergency


Production Description: A satirical look at emergency kits. A 21 cm x 24 cm cardboard box. Emblazoned in red across the front are the words ‘IN CASE OF EMERGENCY’. This is accompanied by a monochromatic description of how to use the kit.
The audience “select 6 products from the range of 12. Detatch the card from your first product and place the bag into one of the compartments of this case.” When all of the products have been used, the viewer is advised to contact the manufacturer for a replacement.
Inside, the box is divided into six sections each containing a small plastic bag. Stapled to these are brief, paper descriptions. Examples include ‘9-Portable oven’ and ’12-Grooming Tool’.  The products are simply common-materials; ’12-Grooming Tool’ is actually a matchstick the viewer is advised to cut in order to clean their nails.
On the inside lid of the box is stamped lettering, reading ‘Insert Card Here’, bordered by thick layers of card.
The book is kept closed using black ribbon and Velcro.
Publication Details: 21 cm x 24 cm x 2.5 cm cardboard box, bound using an unknown adhesive, inside are miniature plastic bags containing various ephemera.

Serial Number: 547932

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