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Product description: An est. 9 cm x 20 cm, stab stitched book. The book is hardback, with the stitched spine coated in dark green fabric.
The 26 interior pages have brown backgrounds, contrasted by various cut and paste imagery. The use of a darker backdrop perfectly frames the vibrant imagery, much of which is also typography.

The artist describes the book:
"I started making this book using material from a catalogue about fluxus I've got somewhere in Germany many years ago. When I saw this catalogue I wanted to make collage with it. So I cut out and tore pieces to do collage with images from other ephemera.
I love works from Fluxus, quirky images and special typography. That's how this book was made. I have the original collage book and scanned the pages and printed copies."
Publication Details: 2008, two point stab-stitch bind, encased in a hardcover, Laser printed pages.

Edition 2 of 169.

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