Evils of Dance (Tango)

Alice Simpson

Product description:  A self-contained, accordion-style artist book. When unfolded, the book extends to reveals a double-layered scene. In the foreground are five couples dancing, printed upon purple paper. Juxtaposing this is the yellow and black tiled background. The use of two layers creates a shadow, enabling a 3D-like perspective. To bind the two layers together, the artist uses a knotted stitch, the clustered fabric creates a tasselled affect.
Above the imagery, in block capitals, is the word ‘TANGO’. An introductory quote establishes the piece: “For the company to assemble at a late hour and engage in unusual, exciting and severe exercise throughout the entire night, is often too great a tax upon the physical system.”
A yellow is subsequently used to cover the books exterior whilst a yellow and black chequered pattern covers the tab.
Publication Details: 2003, New York, Accordion-bind constructed using card.
Edition 5 of 6. 

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