Equals To Infinity

Sofie D. Ambeck (Robo-Girl Production)

Product description:  An A5, five-point, stab-stitched artist book.
The interior pages consist of various, detailed paper cuts of kitchen-based ephemera. On each page, you are given a glimpse of the possible implements that follow.
Coherence is achieved through the use of a dual colour palette (dark red and white). The inside covers contain an info-graphic detailing a robot’s technical specifications.
The artist describes the book as the following: “10 ordinary kitchen utensils which, when combined, give life to a new robot”.
“’Equal to Infinity’ was produce under the theme: ‘the search for the impossible’ – as set in Australia by the Noosa Regional Gallery as part of the yearly artists’ book exhibition”
The book is contained within a red, translucent pocket. A small postcard details the specifications of the book alongside a brief blurb.

Publication details: 2007, 21 cm x 14.8 cm, Hand-bound: stab-stitched, paper: Muken Pure 11,200 gms & Canford, 150gms.

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