Booth & Sons: Safety Matches


Product Description:  A Small matchbox constructed using card. The box is bright pink and contains an illustration of a man.  This image can be flipped on its head, revealing the man to be burning.
Inside the box are a series of eight, 6 cm by 4 cm cards detailing various phobias. The imagery used draws upon the Rorschach test, inky imagery which, when identified, says something about the mental state of the individual.  On the reverse side are a series of illustrations reflective of the phobia. With no additional textual information, the imagery is crucial in identifying the phobia. Each of these cards has been folded in half, in order to fit within the matchbox.  On top of the cards is a miniature figure created using matchsticks and thread. It is tagged, labeling the phobia: “PEDIOPHOBIA”.
Further examples of the phobia include: nyctophobia, anatophobia and pectrophobia.
Publication Details: Card  shell containing a box, Folded, laser printed cards, Matchstick figure.

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