Because It Is There

Katie Blacker

Product Description: A 37 cm x 18 cm white box with a cutout circle. The cutout reveals the rich, red imagery below.  On the spine of the box are the artists name and title, in blue. The box opens to uncover some basic information on the inside lid, all in French.
The first item is a large sheet of red, heavy duty tracing paper. Contrastingly, in large white, serifed font are the words “Because it is there”, alongside an outline of a circle.
The second is a blue, pull-out sheet, which measures just larger than A3. The image is landscape, distorted and somewhat unidentifiable.  They may be waves or mountains. Both sheets have been folded four-times to perfectly fit within the box.The materials used, alongside the box, add a sense of luxury to the piece.
Publication Details: A card box with white cover, Red tracing paper, Yellow, heavy-duty paper (folded).

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