Damp Flat Books (Jackie Batey)

Product description:
  A 9.5 cm x 22 cm artist book packaged within a white food bag. The bag is printed by a two-colour lino print. The book is covered in a PVC, yellow checkered tablecloth and bound with red silk thread. Each book contains a Mermaid Chip Fork and Miracle Fish.

Batey describes the book: "This book has a dual message; on one hand it’s a celebration of British chips but on the other it’s a lament to the declining cod stocks." She goes onto state: "The Atlantic cod is a fish in crisis, stocks have suffered heavily from overfishing on both sides of the Atlantic. All stocks are classified as being overfished or at risk of being harvested unsustainably."

"The sequence of pages through the book shows images of a packet of chips being eaten, next to an image of slowly disappearing cod. The reverse pages show photographs taken over a number of years in the U.K., Gibraltar and Spain of chip chop advertising boards or 'A' boards. The book is covered in a yellow check PVC tablecloth bound in the style of a Japanese account book - the pages are folded at the leading edge. The book is presented in a white chip shop bag that's been printed with a 2-colour lino of the title of the book."

Publication details: 2009, Brighton, United Kingdom, Hand-bound: stab stitched with red thread and covered in PVC.
Edition No. 7 of 20.

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