A Love Obeah


Product Description: A concertina book, bound with a continuous length of string. This string can be tied around the books exterior. The cover has been constructed using layered palm leaves. Each page has been scored to leave a designated spine, thus allowing the book to stand up and support itself.
The narrative follows the construction of a potion, although the reader is initially led to believe it is a simple food recipe. Miniature, hand rendered type is accompanied by various bags of ephemera. Within these bags are various spices and nuts, progressing into a needle, a feather and a snippet of genuine hair. The creepy narrative and sealed items, juxtapose the dainty, hand rendered type and blank space.
Publication Details: Produced for a unit from BA (Hons) Illustration (University of Portsmouth), Concertina book, Cartridge paper. 

“A Love Obeah” was created by University of Portsmouth alumni, Layla Brook.  

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