Some Time With You.

Ciara Healy

Description: This is a hardback book with an illustrated paper dust jacket cover. The inside pages are printed on silk white paper. The book is 16 cm x 22 cm with 32 pages.  The images in ‘Some Time With You’ tell the story of longing, loneliness and hope from an abandoned dog’s perspective. As you turn each page, your presence causes the dogs to cower in fright, approach you with hope, or receive you with love. I have been involved in domestic and wildlife rescue for a number of years and acknowledge how difficult it is to avoid clich√© when making artwork that has such an emotive and sentimental content. When painting these dogs, I chose to eliminate all unnecessary detail, focusing instead on the way they gazed at me one damp May morning, as I stood in the concrete corridor between the cold grey kennels, my heart burning

Publication information: 2008, Groombridge, East Sussex, Case Binding over Perfect Binding, Photography, ink, colour pencil and letraset, Edition 1 of 100

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