Ciara Healey

Description: This is a hardback book with a grey canvas cover and a pink metallic embossing. The inside pages are printed on uncoated stock paper with occasional metallic screen prints overlaid on the images. The book is 19.5 cm x 26.5cm with 60 pages. Butterflies by Ciara Healy is concerned with the past and the manner in which it intersects and affects perceptions of the present. Drawing particular inspiration from the meaning of the terms native, migratory and hybrid, and their use in relation to exile and home, the book is the first part of a ‘nature library’ series that addresses the themes of betweeness embodied by displaced and diasporic populations using Victorian archival methodologies, museological objects and institutional forms of display, as well as 19th century botanical and wildlife illustrators. In this book, the butterflies represent the many parallel lives that have lived and lost. Momentarily they overcome the brutal nature of their extinction, as seemingly disparate histories come together to form a rich tapestry of connection.
Publication information: 2006, Dublin, Ireland, Stitched, Litho Prints, Edition 1 of 500

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