Anna Patock, alumni of the School of Art and Design

Description: Hand stitched artist' book with a 130 pages: Length 350mm, Width 250mm, Depth 40mm. It has a hard back cover using suede patches stitched to millboard. The pages are made up of found books, stained and sewn, with photographic additions. A collection of used book pages from found novels attached through the use of a sewing machine, bound, stitched and glued to a hard back cover. The cover is made from suede patches with the title screen printed on to it. Using the literary text Frankenstein by Mary Shelly this book uses sewing and photography to show a reconstruction and remaking of a number of objects into a bookwork. The photography evidences the sequence of this remaking. The random use of the pages makes any narrative flow impossible.

Publication information: May 2007, Portsmouth, UK, Stitched and glued, Photographic and printed pages, Edition 1

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