Plug Diagrams

Mark Pawson

Description: Soft bound artists' book: Length 70 mm, Width 70mm. The book is 56 pages plus a cover, photocopied using black and white and colour. The book is stiched using cotton in the colours of the wiring used to attach the plug.
The book is produced from a collection of Die-Cut Plug Wiring Diagrams. These were found, passed on by friends and sent to the author by those who have bought earlier copies of this book. These have been printed using origional colours mainly black. It also includes fitted plug stickers, an explaination of these objects and various die-cut patterns. From this book we understand how different and complex these graphic objects can be. "These ephemeral slips of perforated, printed card are likely to gradually disappear and eventually become a thing of the past".Mark Pawson

Publication information:  London, UK, Hand stitched, Colour, black and white photocopy, Revised edition Jan 2003

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