Five Days in Kuala Lumpur

Dr Maureen O'Neill

Description: Boxed artists' book: Length 440 mm, Width 310mm, Depth 15mm. Containing a concertina books 420mm x 300mm. 16 pages on 308gm Photo Rag paper.The book is a mix of printed images, photographic prints and real ephemera attached to the pages. The cover is a black box tied with red sting with a label attached and two stamps to evoke the feeling of a posted package. This book records the experiences of a five day trip to the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia using the flotsam and jetsom of drawings, collected ephemera, photographs and most importantly maps that accompanied the journeys around the city and its environs.The book works in chronological order and attempts to provide the viewer with the emotion of the journeys taken around the city and bring to life the experiences around particular locations. It allows a sharing with others of experiences and senses. Using the book to construct and manipulate abstractions of space, here and there, through maps and ephemera used as a mediator between the individual’s experiences, senses and the world.
Publication information: May 2007, Littlehampton, UK, Tabbed concertina, Colour laser printer Edition 2, Held in Maureen O'Neills' private collection but can be viewed on request

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