Meir Agassi, Sarah Bodman, Stephen Hoskins

This consists of three books. Two are concertina heavy weight card pages: Length 180mm, Width 120mm, Depth 30mm. One is 14 pages and the other 10. The third is a stapled book of the same size with 23 pages and all are held together with belly bands of various colours.
The stapled book is a document of the collaboration of artists and their biographies. The book 'Correspondence with Alice' uses images and mirror images of chess boards to show a 'through the looking glass' chess game involving Alice and characters from the book. The third book shows the link of drawing between three artists from the archive and collections of The Meir Agassi Museum.
Publication information: 1996, Bristol, UK, Concertina and stapled, Screen printed, 80 printed

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