Disguise Kit Suitcase

Unknown (Alumni)

Product Description: A small maroon leather suitcase with worn edges. The unassuming item opens to reveal a sectioned-interior. Four panels each contain various elements contributing to the aim of creating a disguise. The first section contains a series of rubber stamps, all of which have been used. In the second section are a series of passports, each with a different identity. It is within these that the stamps from the previous section have been used. As with all the documents within the case, the passports have been inkjet printed or hand letter-pressed. The pages have also been tea-stained. In the third section the reader can find a pair of reading glasses, accompanied by a series of forged birth certificates. In the final section is a nine-point stab-stitched booklet, bound with string and coated within a washed-yellow sugar paper. The book contains notes regarding the hunt for Phileas Fogg. It is then the reader understands that the suitcase has been created as response to the book ‘Around The World in 80 Days’.
On the inside lid is a mirror, scissors, tweezers and a series of moustaches, all contributing to the concept of identity concealment.
Publication Details: Leather suitcase, Panelled interior, Rubbers, tea-stained documentation, Stab-Stitched book, Various other ephemera.