Take a Leaf

Yumi Okuda

Product Description: An 8 cm x 5 cm concertina book. The books title, ‘Take a Leaf’ sits on the cover, surrounded by white space. A small colorful branch reaches down. Alternating panels on the interior contain charming line drawings of various plant life, contrasting serif-based type. The type is a basic description of the plant form, for example “Alpine leaves have thick hair that trap warm air”. The artist describes the book as illustrating “how plants adapt to different weathers”. Unusually, the concertina is double-sided. The back of the book contains much more elaborate and bright imagery, demonstrating the breadth of plant life within the natural world. ‘Take a Leaf’ is contained within a miniature belly band, a small strip of faded green paper sealed with an unknown adhesive.
Publication Details: 2008, 8 cm x 5 cm concertina book, Cartridge Paper, Inkjet printed Imagery.


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