University of Portsmouth Alumni

Product description: An A5, dated hard back book covered in a vibrant red book cloth. Wrapped around the book is an elastic black band.
Once removed, the book is opened to reveal the tale: “Wing Leader”, memoirs of former Air Vice Marshall ‘Johnnie’ Johnson.
Yet when the book is fully opened up, the viewer can observe that the interior of the book has been carved out. The sides have been reinforced and structured through the use of PVA glue.
Inside the book are a series of eight miniature scrolls, each stained with coffee and bound using dried palm leaves. The scrolls detail the day-to-day life of a captured inmate who had been imprisoned by a corrupt government
To accompany the narrative are a pencil, button and a crucifix, presumed to be the inmates’ remaining items.
Publication Details: Hardback A5 book coated in red book cloth, Cut out interior sealed with an adhesive. A series of scrolls containing inked typography, bound with dried leaves.

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