David Booth (Alumni)

Product Description: A 30 cm x 30 cm hardback book. The exterior has been covered in a heavy-duty chequered pattern, a close-stitch in golden thread contrasts the dual shades of brown. A thick string binds the cloth to the book’s shell. The golden thread continues onto the inner flaps, creating a grid-like structure. The thread overlaps a monochromatic, spiral-based pattern.
The opening page reads ‘phobia’. This title is an ambigram and can be read upside down. Inside each circular letter is a miniature golden mechanism, such as a cog.
The interior contains a variety of phobia-based illustrations. For example, to depict a fear of outside spaces, the artist has used a tunnel-box affect. The first panel is a letterbox, and each subsequent layer reveals an exterior location occupied by an unnerving monster. This particular design is a mixture of drawn imagery and cut and paste, which has been laser printed.
To illustrate a fear of heights, the artists has created a 3D affect by layering blue and red translucent imagery. He has also provided glasses.
Publication Details: 30 cm x 30 cm, Hardback book, Chequered book cloth, Heavy gsm paper with interactive elements (Tunnel pull-out, 3D glasses, etc.)

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