Creating New Memories

University of Portsmouth Alumni 

Product Description: A 4 in x 4 in concertina book containing 16 panels. Each page has been printed in a shade of blue, with various elements altering color to emphasize a significant point. The narrative follows a man eating a burger, his chemical and thought-based reaction. Graphic imagery such as geometric forms and static, continuous lines accompany bold shapes and grid structures. The book is hard-back, covered in a dark blue book cloth, setting the tone of the book. This is subsequently contained within a blue bellyband, adorned with a framed icon of a brain. The borders of the bellyband contain the aforementioned geometric forms in various colors.
Publication Details: 16 paneled concertina book, covered in a dark blue book cloth, High gsm Fabriano paper, Inket printed imagery, Contained within a card bellyband (also Inkjet printed).

Edition 1 of 20.

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