Mark Pawson

Product description: An A5 mixed-media book archiving multiple envelopes collected and addressed to the artist. Whilst some of the envelopes have been left blank, others have been drawn upon and edited adding a very organic nature to the book.

The book has various editions, with new copies being made when Pawson receives more envelopes. Pawson describes the book: "The Address Is The Art is made from over two decades worth of collected envelopes from family, friends,- from around the world, junk mail, boring letters from the bank and more".
Although primarily landscape, the format of certain pages is portrait. More importantly, “The Address is the Art” demonstrates the variation in (unintentional) hand drawn type.
The book is hand bound, 9 point stab stitch using a mixture of red and blue thread. This color palette is utilized throughout the book.
Publication details: 2006, London, United Kingdom, mixed media, hand bound: stab stitched.
Edition No. 120 of 500.

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