Searching for Mapness

Maureen O'Neill

Description: Boxed artists' book: Length 440 mm, Width 310mm, Depth 15mm. Containing 3 x concertina books 420mm x 100mm. 7 pages on heavyweight matte paper. Grey millboard covers with screen-printed trace flysheets. The book is presented as a trinity of books that sit inside a black box with a screen-printed cover. This book is an attempt to reveal to the viewer the concept of isolating and conjoining map elements. It centers on the visual perspective through the use of recurring concepts of macro/micro, map types, and the notion that ÔmapnessÕ surrounds us where colours, shapes, images and lines in natural and technical objects bring to mind images of landmass, mountain ranges, contours, oceans, rivers, roads, cities and towns from globes and atlases. Cross-section is used to construct a panorama detailing spectrums from cosmos to areas that are mapped in the microcosm with relevant points between, the fulcrum of the scale being man indicated by images representing the brain.

Publication information: May 2007, Littlehampton, UK, Folded books, Colour laser printer, screen print, Edition 2

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