Map of Shelter, The

Dr Maureen O'Neill

Description: Folded cover artistsÕ book that contains a map of the word ÔShelterÕ. It measures 800 x 880 mm open and folds to 24 sections of 150 x 230 mm. The concept for this artists book was the question, can you map a word and could it provide a new way of accessing textual information that would excite the viewer plotting journeys from one word to another? From the word shelter, using associated synonyms found in thesaurus and with the help of visual conventions and elements of map language such as symbolism, orientation and scale a bookwork was created showing the richness of words and connections and links between them. The map highlights the complexity of what 'shelter' may mean in different contexts. It was also an attempt to extend the belief that this may be just one of a myriad of maps that would cover the complete territory of the thesaurus.
Publication information: March 2008, Littlehampton, UK, Folded, Colour laser printer, Edition No 1 of 20,

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